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INVESTI NELLA SOSTENIBILITA' Sosteniamo i clienti che guidano le imprese del domani VALORE CONDIVISO CREATORI DI Al fianco delle imprese che credono
in un futuro sostenibile
FUTURO SOSTENIBILE INSIEME PER UN Crediamo che il business sia il punto di partenza e la sostenibilità la sua leva strategica

Bright future? Fashion's watershed year as it moves from waste to woke

As new brands begin to tackle social and environmental harm, a more sustainable future awaits.
From Meghan and Harry’s wedding to the Dolce & Gabbana debacle in Shanghai, 2018 was a big year for fashion. But it may also be remembered as the year people finally took notice of the negative environmental and social effects of an industry that’s been allowed to get out of control. And it’s hard to do this without recalling what happened in June, when we learned that Burberry had been burning £28m worth of its clothes, accessories and beauty products to safeguard its brand.

Insiders already knew that H&M was burning excess stock, but to discover that the luxury sector was at it too made many question the industry as a whole. The same month, Mary Creagh, who chairs the Commons environmental audit committee, announced she would be investigating the sustainability of the fashion industry…

Fonte: theguardian.com del 27/02/2019
Foto: Models wearing garments from recycled or biodegradable material for the UN’s Fashion for Sustainable Future event in Kenya in May. Photograph: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty

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